CRADLES Success Stories

November 15, 2022

CRADLES Success Stories

Since 2014 CRADLES provided affordable, developmentally appropriate childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers of parents needing to complete/improve their education or to seek or maintain employment. For 8 years CRADLES served Clay County and Brazil and collected hundreds of inspiring stories from the people that utilized its services.


One woman and her four young children utilized the CRADLES services. While her children were provided with developmentally age-appropriate activities at CRADLES, she was able to pass her High School Equivalency Exam and begin courses at Ivy Tech. This woman unfortunately had struggled with drug use in the past but because CRADLES helped her achieve her goals, it motivated her to stop using drugs. She gained the confidence to improve her life and her children’s lives. 

CRADLES impacted hundreds of lives throughout its operation. The program even transcended generations. A participant of the Even Start Family Literacy Program at the Clay Community Schools LEAAP Center, went on to have a family. Later on, the son of this participant left high school and did not receive a diploma. The young man then utilized CRADLES’ service and passed his High School Equivalency Exam. CRADLES supported his parent and later supported him.

Receiving a High School Equivalency degree is not the end for most people who utilized CRADLES’ services. One woman discussed how she earned her Associate Degree as a Surgical Assistant. She then began working as a Surgical Assistant in a local hospital and enrolled in classes to complete her bachelor’s degree.


CRADLES Changed Lives and Impacted Generations 

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