Irie's Guiding Fund

July Update

August 04, 2020

THANK YOU for helping us meet our first goal. Because of the generosity of the folks who have donated to help us honor Irie's legacy we were able to hit our goal of $5,000 by her 18th Birthday. She would have been so incredibly proud and humbled. And probably a bit embarrassed too, but that was Irie! 


She would be 18 and well on her way to reaching all of the goals she had set for herself. She didn't share them widely, but she had large, lofty goals. Irie was going to crush them. Irie had grit and mission. She had a drive that was going to make her successful. We're excited to help a student who's just as determine as she was. 


We're $3,055 away from our $10,000 endowment goal. We know we can make it. Thank you for your help, and please keep sharing. 

Monday July 13th Update

July 13, 2020

Hi Everyone! 


We've reached $2,100! We're well on our way to our goal of $5000! Thank you to all who have donated and shared Irie's Guiding Fund with your friends and family. Keep it up! We have 10 days, we got this! 


We wanted to share a memory of Irie that will help you see how hard she worked and how excited she was to share her success with us. In the photo you can see the joy she had in sharing with us that she had won Student of the Month at Wes Del because of her grades and commitment. Irie was incredible, thank you for helping us continue to honor her commitment to success. 

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