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Statewide - Hurricane Relief

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By Ivy Tech Community College

Statewide - Hurricane Relief

In the days since major hurricanes have made landfall, we have seen historic flooding levels in Texas and total devastation in parts of the Atlantic. As we have watched the news and heard stories of heroic rescues, many in our community have asked how we, too, can assist those who are in these crisis situations. At this time, emergency relief organizations and personnel have stressed that they best way to help those most in need is through monetary donations to organizations currently set up in the areas affected.

Knowing that our fellow community college colleagues can be most impacted during these types of crises, we are encouraging our campus community (faculty, staff, and students) to consider making a monetary donation to the Ivy Tech Student Government Association Hurricane Relief ImpactIvy Fund. All donations will be sent to relief efforts that support local college students in the affected areas.

Please keep our fellow community college friends in your thoughts as they continue recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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