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Supporting students through scholarships and IvyCares


For the Fall Semester of 2022, the South Bend-Elkhart campus experienced over an 8% increase in student enrollment. With an increase enrollment comes a greater need for scholarships. The South Bend-Elkhart scholarship program helps people from our community overcome financial barriers and attain a quality college education. 

On this Giving Tuesday, Ivy Tech South Bend-Elkhart is bringing people together to provide more resources for scholarships for current and future students. While a majority of students receive financial aid, we are committed to providing as much support as possible to ensure our students succeed – to graduation and then to a better every day after. Please donate today to make an Ivy Tech education possible for current and future students to come.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and IvyCares is our way of providing additional support to students throughout their academic journey. An alarming number of students drop courses because they simply did not have support in meeting basic needs that contribute to overall student success. Healthcare, food insecurities, mental health resources, amongst others, are barriers that play key roles in preventing students from reaching their goals. 

IvyCares staff members work to connect students to campus and community resources with a focus on meeting these needs. Contributing to this fund will support students by reducing non-academic barriers and increasing their chances at obtaining their personal and academic goals.  

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