Spirit of Diversity: Honoring Bob and Terry Bowen

Spirit of Diversity: Honoring Bob and Terry Bowen

Ivy Tech serves over 150,000 students and has over 7,000 employees – all within your local community. This means our students, faculty, and staff come from different life experiences, diverse backgrounds and everyone brings their own unique perspective. 

Ivy Tech strives for transparency and creating an institutional culture where diversity is celebrated, equity is ingrained, and belonging is what we do.

We are working every day to build educational environments that respect and affirm the unique contributions of each individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, disability, or political affiliation.  We strive to put diversity, equity, and inclusion into practice by graduating culturally literate individuals who will make positive contributions to local communities, and through recruitment and retention of talented faculty and staff who reflect our great state of Indiana.  All belong at Ivy Tech.

Your contribution in honor of Bob and Terry Bowen, will support the important work Ivy Tech Indianapolis is doing to ensure all students succeed, regardless of the barriers they face to higher education. 

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