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Kendra D. King Scholarship

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The Kendra D. King Scholarship was created in 2011 as a part of the YMCA Black Achievers program at the YMCA of Muncie. Kendra is a Muncie native and a graduate of Muncie Southside High School who went on to pursue her education in 2011, earning her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Indiana, and her Master of Science in Criminology with a Concentration in Corrections at Indiana State University. Kendra served as advocate for crime victims for over six years, and have since transitioned to becoming the Volunteer Experience Manager for the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. 

From a very young age, the importance of education and community involvement was instilled in Kendra. She learned that one can only receive from a community what he or she puts into it. That sentiment still rings true today. Kendra has conducted community drive events and have volunteered for many organizations, such as Feed My Sheep, United Way, etc. With her education, she has been blessed to serve hundreds of adult and child victims of crime in my community, providing them with health services, resources, food, clothing, and support as they persevered through their traumatic experiences.

Kendra's hope for the Kendra D. King Scholarship is that the funds awarded to the recipients will provide some financial relief to them so they are motivated and encouraged to pursue their education, and then use their knowledge to help those in their communities. Planting the seed of community involvement and service allows for an overflow of blessings, not only to the individuals who give, but also to those who receive it. With this scholarship, Kendra and the contributors to her scholarship hope to plant that seed that will motivate students to, in turn, do the same for their communities. 

This scholarship for Ivy Tech Students was created to highlight the significant academic achievements and civic engagement of Kendra D. King and to support future students in their efforts to attend and graduate from college. Priority is given to students of color who demonstrate financial need, but are also investing in their own education. 

This Giving Tuesday, Ivy Tech Community College and the family and friends of Kendra are working to endow this scholarship. That means, the scholarship will live on forever. The amount we need to accomplish this goal is $10,000. 

Please consider a gift today! 

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