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IvyAchieves - Breaking Barriers and Increasing Student Success

For generations, systemic barriers in higher education institutions have kept the knowledge and resources needed to succeed out of the hands of first generation students, students of color, and other students in need of academic support. Today this manifests as confusing processes, lack of clear networks and connections, and a lack of intentional support and resources for the students that need it. Marginalized student groups are the most likely to be harmed by these barriers set in place, and IvyAchieves seeks to bridge the equity gap. We hope you will consider supporting this project as we work to reduce barriers and increase student success in the South Bend-Elkhart community.


       • Incentives to participate in student success activities

       • Free course retake


IvyAchieves is open to all students. Students earn “points” by participating in activities related to increased student success. As they earn points, students will be able to redeem them for various incentives. There will be one “grand prize” at the end of each academic year. Examples of activities:

• Complete 15+ credit hours each semester (20 points)

• Meet with an Academic Advisor  (20 points)

• Complete a Scholarship application  (15 points)

• Install the Ivy Tech app on your phone (10 points)

• Complete Interview prep with a Career Coach (5 points)

• Sign into your Ivy Tech email once a week (2 points per week)

• Utilize tutor.com (1 point per session)


Students are eligible to take the same course again for free in the next 8-week session (or the next time the course is offered) if they embody the 5 Student Success Commitments but still receive a letter grade of a D or F. This is the College's way of upholding the Faculty/Staff commitments. Dual credit courses are not included in the 15 credit hour calculation. Other guidelines for student free course retake eligibility are:

• Student must begin the Semester with less than 15 credits earned at Ivy Tech – excluding high school/dual enrollment.

• Students must be enrolled in one of the following programs: Business Administration, Education (excluding Early Childhood Education), Industrial Tech, IT Support, Network Infrastructure, Practical Nursing, Software Development, Advanced Automation & Robotics, or Pre-Nursing CT.

 • Students must complete the course (no W or FW).

 • Students must turn in assignments and quizzes based on 75% of the possible point value (Ex: If the course has 100 points possible for assignments and quizzes, student must turn in assignments and quizzes that could be worth 75 points if they received all points).

  • Students must take all graded tests/exams.

 • Students must utilize tutor.com OR go to the tutoring/writing center or math lab OR attend a library session, specifically regarding the course.

• Students must seek support from an academic advisor OR faculty advisor OR Disability Student Services, specifically about the course.


•  Bronze Level (200 points) – Students named to the Ivy Achieves Honor Roll which will include a year-end party/reception at the end of the year.

•  Silver Level (400 points) – Students can choose from a $5 gift card, or donated items that are in the $5-$15 range

•  Gold Level (700 points) – Students can choose from a $10 gift card, or donated items that are in the $25-$75 range

•  Platinum Level (Top 50 points earners statewide) – All are eligible for the grand prize, but can also chose a donated tangible item above $75

To donate funds towards the purchase of the gift card incentives, please click on the designated buttons on the right hand side of this page.  To donate a tangible gift-in-kind item for the student incentives or towards the year-end party/reception, please email southbend-foundation@ivytech.edu and a resource development staff member will be in touch with you to discuss your donation. 

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