South Bend/Elkhart - Support Our Future Health Care Professionals

South Bend/Elkhart - Support Our Future Health Care Professionals

Now, more than ever before, local health care professionals are among one of the most important assets to our community’s overall well-being.  Thousands of Ivy Tech South Bend-Elkhart graduates are working on the frontlines each and every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Suzanne Renner, is a 2017 Respiratory Therapy graduate who works at Elkhart General Hospital. 

“Although I’m scared I will bring the virus home to my family, I know I have a job to do.  Respiratory therapists are on the front lines from the moment the patient enters the ER.  Ivy Tech truly prepared me to adapt to the constant changes we are facing during this pandemic.  The program taught me to think quick on my feet and how to maximize our equipment in various ways to reach the best possible outcome,” said Renner.

Suzanne, along with so many others, are risking their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, to care for our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.  Your gift will support scholarships for the hundreds of local Ivy Tech students enrolled in various programs such as Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, and Paramedic Science, and help them finish strong and finish on time.  Ensuring we have well-trained health care professionals plays a critical role in our community’s ability to win the fight against COVID-19. 

Additionally, thanks to the generosity of Larry and Judy Garatoni, every dollar raised will be matched up to $10,000.

Thank you for considering this important opportunity! 

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