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Project ends on February 28, at 05:31 PM EST
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Into Overtime!

December 09, 2020

The pandemic is a tough rival but thanks to a generous match from an anonymous donor, we have exceeded our first stretch goal of $6,000 to even the score and take us into overtime!

The crowd is now shouting, "$10,000"!! We don't want to disappoint our supporters so will stretch one final time before the year-end with a new goal of $10k. Will you help us put a final $2,315 on the scoreboard and win big for our students?

COVID Penalized

December 01, 2020

COVID responded with unsportsmanlike conduct to our making the $5,000 goal. We now have the ball back in scoring position ready to up our winning margin. If we get to $6,000 that will send COVID to an even colder post-game shower!

Closing in!

December 01, 2020

As of 3:47 this afternoon we are 95% of the way toward our goal of $5,000! Thank you friends of Ivy Tech Bloomington for helping us knock COVID out of the game so our students can stay focused on having food for their table, getting appropriate medical care, staying engaged in their coursework and putting a big W on their scoreboard. Y'all rock!!

Choose a giving level


Dime Coverage

Avoid passing. Every extra player (and $10) helps defeat COVID.


The Blitz

Your $25 will help put food on our students' training tables and sack COVID.


Pick Six

Intercept COVID; make it pay and help us stock our student food pantry.


Hail Mary

Achieve a state of grace and stun COVID with your gift. $75 will buy a textbook and hot meal for a student.


Flea Flicker

Bedazzle COVID with your generosity. $100 helps with rent and utilities needed to house our student players.


Cover Two

Pioneered by ex-Colts coach Tony Dungee, it's one of the best defenses against COVID. Also covers 2 textbooks and digital access codes.


Signal Caller

You make the call. You dictate how COVID will go down. You help buy a digital hotspot.


The Bomb

You went deep. COVID devastated. Tuition covered. Game over.

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