Hispanic Heritage Month Scholarship Drive

Investing in Our Communities through Education

Investing in a students education, is an investment in our economy and our community as a whole. But we all know it is not new news that there continues to be significant equity gaps for minority students of color earning a college credential. Ivy Tech's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Council is on a mission. A mission to close the equity gap for students who may need some extra support, whether with mentoring, finances and more, allowing students to persist and earn a college credential. 

 Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - October 15, recognizes and   celebrates the contributions Americans tracing their roots to Spain, Mexico,   Central America, South American and the Spanish-speaking nations of the   Caribbean have made to American society and culture. At a time when we were   are seeing more and more divide, there are still so many ways when we can  come together, supporting our unique backgrounds and celebrate our country of   opportunity.

Supporting Hispanic or Latino students earning a college credential is just one small way to bridge the gap. Our nation is dependent on this future workforce that needs increased access and opportunity for an excellent education. Indiana's population is 6% Latino or Hispanic. In southwerstern Indiana, Spencer and Dubois county have the highest Latino and Hispanic populations.

Ivy Tech Evansville serves 10 counties, including Spencer and Dubois. Ivy Tech Evansville is a great place for these families to earn an education. Whether it be based on access, affordability, smaller classrooms or program offerings - we are here to help and we need YOUR help. Consider investing in a students education today. 

Your scholarship contribution will go toward individual student scholarships. We look forward to sharing the thank you letters from scholarship recipients with every donor to this initiative and celebrating their achievement. 


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